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Ok couple of updates...
exangel42 wrote in anti_faildom
Ok so I've been super busy but I just got caught up... gonna be even busier starting tomorrow.

But I wanted to say thanks to brinchen86 who signed up to help me mod and will be helping out this april while I am doing Script Frenzy.

Ok also I thought I should address the flaming that has already started. I figured it would happen. But I just want to let everyone here know it's NOT allowed. Any flaming posts will be screened. Complain till you are blue in the face about freedom of speech, but it doesn't give you the right to come into someone's place and be a jerk. So I just want to say this is going to be a Faildom Free Zone... NO FLAMING!

Now I'm not saying people can't disagree. You can. Hell I disagree with my friends all the time both online and off line... It's all in how you handle it and weather or not you are rude about it.

Also for those who say it's hypicratical well the difference is we aren't complaining about the show or being vicious. We may occasionally rant but that's only because we get tired of seeing the shows, characters, actors, writers, and fellow fans attacked. And are justified in being upset about that. It's not right to attack people. I rant but I don't go to someone else thread/forum/commuinty and call them names or stir the pot. This is first and foremost a safe place for those of us who get tired of being attacked or seeing others attacked to get away from the insanity. If you don't like it do what alot of us do and stay away. We avoid your rants and complaining threads (moslty cause it makes us sad and ruins the fun of our fandoms). We have just as much a right to be annoyed by you as you think you have to attack people and complain about everything.

On a happier note I wanted to share and AWESOME example of FANDOM!!!

Over on the forum there are a couple of really great threads that are just awesome: It's cool cause both guys ended up in the final round of Alpha Male and there are some of us who are choosing not to vote and choose between them and avoiding the Bro vs Bro arguments. :D Proof the fandom rocks!

And The Church Of Supernatural Which is just the most insanly funny thing I've seen in a long time. Another Shinny example of FANDOM at it's best. YAY FANDOM!


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