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When Faildom really fails...
exangel42 wrote in anti_faildom

Ok not sure how many know about the girl you asked to have Jensen's GF removed from the con but WOW that is faildom. Any way here is a link to a story all about it. And yes this is acutally real. I was gonna post it yesterday but figured people might think it was a joke cause it's just that insane.  (this one is just someone posting about what happened. The orginal post by the guilty party was locked.

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Went back and forth, trying to decide if I wanted to read the whole thing or not. Finally clicked.

Yep. It really was as bad as I thought.

Suddenly I have the urge to send Danneel some flowers with an apology note on behalf of the *sane* fans.

Just, wow. *head-desk*

I know it was totally UNcool. And yeah I felt the same way. I almost want to get a bunch of SN fans to write letters to her and say that not all of us are freaks. I loved her in TIH too. To quote Dean "Demons I get, people are just crazy"

*nods* Sage words there Mr. Winchester.

Ha, if you do start something like that let me know. I'll gladly put pen to paper. Seriously, I do not get why some people have a problem with her.

I read that a couple of days ago, and I was baffled by it.

How can Danneel suddenly ruin the fantasy or if that was still intact after you had to first pay for the con, then for all pictures and autograph sessions...those boys aren't there to meet the new love of their lives, they are working!

I really feel sorry for Danneel, I'm guessing she has to endure quite some death glares and harsh remarks :(

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